Thank you to everyone who attended our ‘Impact of the Arts on Mental Health’ Training Day at the Woodlands Community Centre in Torfaen! There was a great turn out and the whole room was so engaged – we were really impressed with the enthusiasm and we hope that we set you up well to run your own arts for wellbeing sessions!

We quickly noticed that the group all had some connection to each other, whether that was through work or old schoolmates! It was a good time to catch up. This friendliness led to open, honest and productive conversations around the impact of arts on mental health. Firstly, Juls, the Inside Out Cymru manager, led the group through some facts and figured on mental health in the UK. Afterwards, smaller groups formed to complete a task – each group was asked to make a plan for how they would implement arts for wellbeing, including overcoming barriers and hurdles (like funding and perception). 

After a break for teas and coffees, the group were led by Inside Out Cymru artist Bill Chambers. Bill let the group know about his experience and what he has witnessed as a community artist. The group then took part in an art session with Bill – making their own vinyl, collaged fish! The participants were having a lot of fun when they were making – talking and sharing ideas, overcoming problems together and getting excited about the potential. One participant even took a pack home to do the activity with their children. 

If you missed it, no worries! We have one more training session coming up in January. Keep your eyes peeled!