Thanks so much to Our Voice, Our Choice, Our City for a wonderful Participatory Budgeting Event at Dolman theatre! And a massive Thank you to Charlotte from Spring Gardens Residential for supporting our presentation! Inside Out Cymru are so grateful for the opportunity to extend our ‘Reaching Out: Art for Dementia’ workshops at The Riverfront for another block.

‘Reaching Out’ will be a series of arts workshops specifically designed to support those with dementia and their carers. Two professional artists will run two arts workshops, side-by-side to support those with different needs. The art workshops will provide creative relief for those with symptoms, contribute to respite for carers and allow connections to grow between people going through similar things, creating a community.

Having a weekly appointment out of the house and meeting people with similar interests reduces social isolation. Taking time to be creative again helps with things like self-expression, self-identity and confidence. ‘Reaching Out’ will work with the Riverfront to hold an exhibition of works made, giving artists and participants something to work towards and look forward to.

One past participant reflects on the mindful aspect of creating art: 

“For me it’s just about the process and it takes my mind off things”.

Another mentions the fun and nostalgic parts to making: 

“This takes me back… I’ve not done anything like this since school.”


Alongside this, we will work with Alzheimer’s UK, Newport Council, ABUHB and local care homes to connect with those who need the most support while also signposting them to further, ongoing support in the community.  By supporting this project, the Newport Community have helped deliver 12 weeks of non-judgemental support for 20 individuals from Newport as well as indirectly support care home staff, NHS staff, carers and family of those with dementia.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news 👀