Light through trees

Inside Out Cymru have partnered with Gwent Wildlife Trust to hold an event during October half term that will allow families in the Duffryn area of Newport to access nature and create a greater sense of wellbeing. Guided by a member of the Gwent Wildlife Trust the children will learn about what they might see around them everyday while using GPS technology to get involved with a nature treasure hunt. After creating some art with our in-house team they will take home a pack of resources that will allow them to continue what they have learnt through the rest of half-term.

Many people find being in nature can help them to relax or to ‘put things in perspective’ but might not know what to do when outside or have the knowledge to take part in outdoor activities. With this project we are showing people a few things that they could do, on their own or in small groups, and with very few resources.

The aims of this event are to have families working together while spending time outdoors with the combined physical and mental benefits that this brings. Hopefully people will also experience the calming effects of nature and of spending time creating art in a mindful way. The resources that they take away from the day will include identification sheets that will help them to better name and understand some of the flora and fauna that is common in their local area.

Funded by the Co-Op Local Community Fund.