Since January, Inside Out Cymru artist Nathan Sheen has been facilitating a Art for Wellbeing session at the Bridges Centre in Monmouth. Very kindly funded by the Regional Integration Fund from GAVO Monmouthshire, the free, 2 hour sessions run for 12 weeks. Open to anyone looking for some support with their wellbeing, whether that is affected by stress, a mental-health diagnoses or loneliness, the ceramic focused sessions offer a few hours of you-time, to concentrate on yourself, the sensations of the clay under your hands and the like-minded peers in the group. 

“Nathan and all the class are really lovely and its refreshing being with others who struggle like myself. It stops me feeling isolated and more like im not alone with this head of mine. Thank you so much everyone and a big thank you to Nathan, a real gentleman and make everyone feel so at ease and welcome”.

“I woke up this morning and was so tense and stressed, once I got to the workshop I was so relaxed that the tension headache went”.

“I have had such a bad week this week but it felt so good to spend a couple of hours laughing and chatting with a wonderful group of people. I look forward to each Friday that we meet”.

“It’s so refreshing to have a break from the stresses of the outside world and have a chat and a good laugh with likeminded people who you know understand how tough it is to get up and going in the morning. The highlight of my week!”.

“I have enjoyed the  classes! Very friendly people who made me feel welcome. Nathan who makes the class fun while treating each and everyone with respect, helping with their needs and making the class so relaxed for people with poor mental health. It helps so many people in ways you can’t imagine”.


As of April 2024, the sessions have come to an end. The pilot project saw a massive impact on the 11 individuals who attended on a regular basis. Inside Out Cymru will review the impact and take this project forward – keep your eyes peeled for more of this in Monmouthshire!