Inside Out Cymru are proud to announce that the Art for Wellbeing session with Nathan Sheen at Cromwell Road Community Centre will be kindly supported by Chepstow Town Council. 


10 weeks of provision have been funded by the council’s grant scheme. These funds will cover artist and room hire costs, allowing the Chepstow and Bulwark community to access arts for wellbeing provision through February and March. This will cover up 20 hours of arts activities and provide wellbeing support for up to 10 individuals from the local area.

The two hour sessions on Friday afternoons create a reliable time and place for like-minded people to meet. The group are friendly and supportive, often understanding what each other are going through. The art activities provided by experienced professional artists Nathan Sheen give the participants something to bond over and something to look forward to. Working on arts projects also gives participants the opportunity to develop Creative Habits, like confidence in decision making, experience in problem-solving and thinking positively. Forming these habits in the classroom is good practice for using these habits in other parts of life. 

One participant reflects on how the session pushes them out of their comfort zone:- 

‘I would be totally isolated if it wasn’t for this group, I don’t go anywhere on my own. I’m never pushed or pressured to come, I take the lead on where I’m at and that makes me feel respected and calm’.

Another participant discusses how the formation of creative habits impacts them: 

‘Clay can be such an overwhelming experience and I enjoy the feeling in my hands. I like not knowing where the work is going and figuring things out as I go. The tactile and sensory nature of clay is good for me, and I like learning about clay and how it works with firing and glazes etc. I never quite know what I’m gonna get. I use my imagination for my work’.

You can find out more about the Art for Wellbeing Classes at Cromwell Road Community Centre in Bulwark here

You can find out more about Chepstow Town Council grants here

Inside Out Cymru thank Chepstow Town Council for their input!