Thank you to everyone that came to our ‘Impact of Arts on Mental Health’ training day at the Tabor Centre #Brynmawr on 11th October. 
We’re glad to have had such a quality group who supported each other in the discussions, shared ideas and resources and made such fab work. 
Through teas and coffees, the group settled in and got to know each other – why they were attending and what they were hoping to achieve was thrown around and for the most part, attendees were hoping to know more about how to arts could work to support them and what they could do to get that implemented. Inside Our Cymru Manager, Juls Benson, led the first task of the day. Following a presentation of facts and figures, two groups made a plan on how to implement an arts for mental health activity in their local area – from where to get the funding, to who to invite, to how to collect evidence. 
With amazing help from Inside Out Artist, Rhian Anderson, the groups went on the experience the effect of the arts on mental health and wellbeing first hand! Rhian led the group in a calming, meditiative activity, using paints and household objects to make repeated pattern, symmetrical Mandala inspired paintings. The attendees discussed the effect of the activity on them throughout – how it was satisfying and pleasing, how they felt proud of themselves for trying something new, how they encountered small risks and decisions along the way, practicing soft skills like problem solving.
Again – thank you to everyone who came!
Looking forward to the next one on 8th November at the Woodlands Feild Community Cabin, Pontypool. 
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