FEAST installation

Sounding Ceramics is a participatory installation project weaving ceramics and sound together. Whilst the outcome will be a touring installation that will travel to each county in Gwent, the process of making will be celebrated in both in the final ceramic artworks, as well as capturing the sound of the people who make the work through a final soundtrack.

The ceramic installation will be designed by professional ceramicist Anne Gibbs, who also has experience of working in the community. Anne will work with the artists who lead our regular sessions, offering a 2-day masterclass so that the artists can then lead the community workshops. Anne will visit each of our 10 groups during the term and will oversee the curation of the final installation. Each participant will make a single object which will take its place alongside up to 80 others to create the final visual work.

This will be accompanied by a soundtrack which will be incorporated into the design of the final ceramic work. The soundtrack will incorporate sounds, voices, singing from our two singing groups and will be experienced through headphones.

We want the final installation to be both a beautiful artwork and a celebration of the people who have made it. We will be working with community groups who experience a wide range of mental health difficulties and illnesses. As well as developing new creative skills, the collaborative project will also enhance participants’ wellbeing through a greater sense of connection to themselves and others.

It is supported by a Take Part grant from Arts Council of Wales.